16 Jan 2022

MS Update Breaks L2TP VPN (Including Meraki using the build in client)

UPDATE 18/1/2022

Microsoft have released fix to update that broke windows native to Meraki Client VPN.

You must be running the Latest windows 10   21H2 

check and update here for windows 10   

Update Windows 10

Update  to the problem is

Windows 10 - KB5010793

Windows 11 - KB5010795

Run Windows Update and it will appear under optional downloads


Download the patch from there: Microsoft Update Catalog  windows 10

Download the patch from there: Microsoft Update Catalog windows 11


Microsoft released Updates 11 Jan 2022

 KB5009566 (windows 11)

 KB5009543 (windows 10)

This update breaks Meraki Client VPN. 

 Need to uninstall to fix VPN.

 MS confirmed today they will fix in an up coming update. (but may take 2 weeks.)

When you uninstall this update you then need to pause updates for 14 days to stop it reinstalling.

Open a command prompt as Administrator

then on

Windows 10:

wusa /uninstall /kb:5009543

Windows 11: 

wusa /uninstall /kb:5009566