IEEE 802.11p

 Approved amendment to add wireless access in vehicular environments high-speed data exchange

Also used by APPLE

AWDL  Apple Wireless Direct Link

    Apple use for Universal Control, Apple Pay, Universal Clipboard, AirDrip, Auto Lock, Continuity Sketch, Continuity Markup AirPlay  WiFi Password Sharing, Hand Off, SideCar, CarPlay, and Continuity Camera.

A Lot to IOS to MAC OS

These interfere with your WiFi 

Channels  6, 44 80Mhz (EU)  (and 149 US  80Mbz Wide)

Hops between the WiFi channel and this channel.

AirDrop used to use infrastructure (channel and width) but now uses the 80Mz wide channel 44

CarPlay uses the HotSpot on the Phone channel

Iphone Cell Calls uses Infrastructure

Continuity Camera,  if you have 80Mbz Wide Channel infrastructure it will use that otherwise it will use AWDL 


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