19 Aug 2022

Blocking ICMP

DONT BLOCK ICMP  (Maybe rate limit !)

Since setting IP IPV6 networks  icmp has become more important

Most IPV6 test sites Test ICMP connectivity.

ipv6 test

I have found this one to be very important

IPv6 - (Type2, Code0)   Packet Too Big (IPv6)

This is essential for MTU path discovery

IPv6 Routers do not Fragment packets like IPv4 did,  they just send back Packet too big  and the sender need to adjust.  these messages need to get back to sender!

Also  IPv4 used ARP for Layer 2 to  Layer 3 mappings.

But IPv6 Uses ICMP  for  

Router Solicitation (RS) (Type133, Code0)
Router Advertisement (RA) (Type134, Code0)
Neighbor Solicitation (NS) (Type135, Code0)
Neighbor Advertisement (NA) (Type136, Code0)
Redirect (Type137, Code0)

These should be permitted in the network but not outside

I have found a great source of information here

 Should I block ICMP

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