12 Apr 2020

Upgrading from Cisco IOS XE 16.x.x in Install Mode

   Make sure switch is in install mode
Show Version 
   Clean up space
request platform software package clean switch all file flash:
   Copy files 
copy tftp:// flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.09.05.SPA.bin
   Set boot variable
boot system flash:packages.conf

write memory
show boot system 
   The output should display BOOT variable  = flash:packages.conf . 

request platform software package install switch all file flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.09.05.SPA.bin new auto-copy
   after installed do not need the original file 
delete flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.09.05.SPA.bin

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