21 Apr 2023

WiFi 6Ghz In Australia 6E

 Wi-Fi 6E – 6GHz is now approved for use in Australia.  Certified 6E devices will be able to use the 6GHz Wi-Fi band .

Australian Communications and Media Authority has approved 500MHz at the low end of the 6GHz band (5925–6425GHz). 

ACMA has limited the transmission strength (mW) to ensure that Wi-Fi 6E will not go outside the building.   WiFi 6E Unbuilding ONLY currently

5925-6425 MHz (U-NII 5) frequency band adopts the use of IEEE 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6E protocol capabilities with WPA3 and Enhanced Open.    

So we have 25 channels at 20Mhz width or  12 at 40MHz

Graphic From Cisco Blog by Joseph Vasanth Louis

The channel numbering is interesting.

Best practice currently is to have 5Ghz and 6Ghz running on the AP so devices like apple can discover the network

Currenly  21/4/2023  Cisco AP are not Certified to work in AUS yet.

you get this error....

Mist APs are working in AUSTRALIA now.

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