28 May 2023

Cisco 9166D1


In 6 Ghz you have to have internal antennas, using low, power and inside.   This is hard in Warehouse and Lecture Theatres

Cisco 9155D1 fixes this issue:  It is directional with internal antennas.   Fixes the issue with the ANT9103 not doing dual 4x4 5Ghz. 

Slides from Tech Field Day

CW9166i  CW9166D1

Cisco 9116D1

9166D Bracket

9166D Ports

CW9166D1 Antennas

9166D1 and 2566

9166D1  and  9103

9166 9166D Pattens

9166D Warehouse

Hoping for a Meraki personality as well

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