8 Jan 2020

All POE Splitters are not the same

There is an great device called the WLANPI   is it very use full in all aspects of  WLAN testing.


I will do a another blog on this later......

This device has a GIG Ethernet network and can do IPERF  speed testing.    Sometimes the only hassle is powering the device  (USB Micro). 

POE is generally 48V  way to much for the WLANPI 5v    but I saw a device that splits out the power and converts to 5V micro USB

I bought one  and it worked fine but could only get 100Meg    I then realised the the network cable ONLY had 2 pairs.

You need all 4 Pairs for GIG Ethernet.     Got another one  from


and this one is GIG.

if you compare the 100Meg one and the 1000Meg one they look the same

the only difference you can see is there is ONLY 2 PAIRS in the 100 Meg one

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