20 Jan 2020

Meraki WiFi Cameras

Meraki WiFi Cameras Gen 2

Are 1x1 Dual Band 802.11AC   2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Client.

Can have 3 SSID  Primary  and Secondary  and backup

(I connect the backup to Phone Hot Spot for config)

Small Patch Antenna  (in MV32)  has 2 antennas to pick from  (remember it is a client) hard for a camera of this quality with all metal chassis to make wireless work but they did.

Outdoor Cameras have the antennas hidden under plastic dome

Another handy power feature for Camera  or (other POE device)  You need this to power if  Wireless ONLY.  or other POE adapter.  this is good if there is existing 12V power from old camera.

Remember Meraki Cameras record ONBOARD  so the wireless will have little use unless viewing footage.

The Meraki Device

AUTO Voltage and AUTO Polarity Sensing

12Vdc 2.75A    24V AC 2.2A

POE 54V 23W  (not quite POE Plus but more than POE.)

MA-PWR-MC-LV    or  called the "Eyepatch" power supply

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