7 Jan 2020

Connectors in WIFI

Generally if you use one vendors access points and external antennas  you may not notice that the plugs and sockets are special.

 I have been working with Cisco Access Points  for years and they use the Reverse Polarity TNC connector.

On your BBQ they have a special reverse thread so the general public cannot just use general plumbing parts to connect gas and need specialized parts.

The same was applied to WIFI,   So users could not just plug in the biggest antenna they could get at the local shop  the connectors needed to special so the vendor could try and control the MAX power output of their APs

Most AP vendors use the Reverse Polarity connector approach 

Standard Connector


Reverse Polarity Connector

A reverse polarity coax connector is a variation of a standard polarized connector in which the gender of the interface has been reversed. The term “reverse polarity” refers to the gender of the center contact pin.

I got caught today  I was using a radio receiver and need a  2.4Ghz antenna.  I just grabbed one off a access-point I had laying around and thought all was good.

What looked like a good connection was not.   No signal to antenna.


Looked tight  and good.

no center pin

You can get all sorts of adapters on EBAY !

one with 2 pins


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