6 Jan 2020


Love that CAT5E cable need to be compatible with the National Broadband Network ! All cat5e cables are compatible even old ones.  So many scams due to miss information. 

  You MUST upgrade you PABX so NBN compatible.   They don't tell you all PBX can work on NBN you just need the right converter box.
SPA8000  8 Line Converter box

Types Of NBN

  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP) 
  • Fibre to the node (FTTN)
  • Fibre to the basement (FTTB) 
  • Fibre to the curb (FTTC)
  • Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC) 
  • Fixed Wireless. ...
  • Satellite (Sky Muster)

 Generally you can get 100/40 speeds on  FTTP, FTTB, FTTC and HFC

 But FTTN speed depends on cable length   (VDSL2)

Image result for vdsl speeds

 So you need to know how far your node is.

Nodes physically looks like this  (without the sign !)

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