2 Jan 2020

Welcome 2020 Starting the blog

Welcome to my new Blog.   Sharing my knowledge and experience to the community.

I have done a lot over the past  35 years since leaving university.  I completed and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering as there were no jobs for Electronic Engineers in PERTH WA in 1990s needed to go to USA.  I did the right thing and did all computer and electronic subjects which has been perfect as the as the computer and electronics industry evolved.  I started with a vehicle tracking system using  modems, radio and MapInfo (why did it not patient this back in 1990!).  Involved in the construction of CSL Broadmeadows (why did I not buy CSL shares then !).  Starting my own company and got very involved in all things Cisco networking [Apple-talk , Vines, IPX, ATM]  (Should have bought some Cisco shares back then too !)  20 year of Cisco and Microsoft consulting, now specialising in all things WiFi.  Making bad Wifi good and educating people about how this WiFi magic actually works.  I have side interests in automation,  Clipsal c-bus and Apple home kit MFI helping bringing he translink product to market. Very hands on type of guy .  I am a troubleshooter, and with my vast knowledge and experience over the years of all thing engineering I can generally work out the issues even if I cannot solve them.   I was very lucky to start my computer programming experience at the start with punch cards and then the start of PCs  being heavily involved in the Commodore line (VIC20, Amiga) in engineering projects.  Seen all the changes in the PC industry  and now the WIFI Industry from the beginning.  Keen interest in IPV6 and IoT.   I am always being asked for technical advice and recommendations so I am hoping this blog will help others as I document my journey.