22 Jan 2020

New Cisco AP Fails to Join Controller

Field Notice: FN - 70479 - Out-Of-The-Box AP Fails to Join Controller or Joins with Single Radio Due to Country Mismatch - Replace on Failure


A newly installed Access Point (AP) fails to join its controller or it joins the controller, but is only able to bring up one radio due to a manufacturing mismatch between the AP's domain and the radio's domain.

On a Mobility Express (ME) AP, the 2.4GHz radio will come up in Day 0 mode; however, after you configure the correct country code, the internal AP might fail to rejoin or might bring up only one radio.


You can use this URL to check the serials


NOTE:  if using a BARCODE SCANNER  to read the serial numbers off the BOX  Cisco prepends a "S" to the Serial and the "S" needs to be removed.

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